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GSM Smart Dialer ➤ GSM Dialer ➤ GSM Alarm system

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Two-way SMS and voice communication for remote control

Ready for use with only 1 SMS

Compatible with all mobile operators

Ability to connect a microphone and speaker

GSM auto-dialer

Ability to command the device through 500 phone numbers

2 digital inputs, able to initiate a call or/and SMS

2 controllable digital outputs, triggered either by an SMS or a call

Remote volume level adjustment

Purpose of Use

GSM Smart Dialer can be used in a variety of applications and situations, where remote control and monitoring is required. It is Ideal for securing residential areas such as houses, apartment buildings and commercial buildings such as warehouses, offices and others. GSM Smart Dialer is further commonly used for remote control of electrical appliances such as air-conditioners, boilers, smart home systems and many more. The device can be connected through all mobile networks, and depending on the settings of the outputs, can be triggered by a call and/or SMS. When an output is triggered, the device can send an SMS or a call to a specified number.


  • When an input is triggered the device can dial or send an SMS to a previously saved phone number.
  • Ability to activate outputs by an SMS or incoming phone call from an authorised number.


  • GSM Smart Dialer is ideal for a number of situations where remote control and monitoring is required.
  • Ready for use only by sending ONE short SMS, containing the main phone number.
  • Ability to control the device from up to 500 phone numbers.
  • If a currently dialled number does not answer, the device has an algorithm allowing it to continue dialling and redialling numbers from a previously set list.
  • 2 digital inputs which can initiate a phone call and/or SMS when triggered.
  • Trigger time can be set individually for every input.
  • Ability to connect to an alarm system with the goal of tracking current state and transmitting alarm signals.
  • 2 dependently controllable outputs able to work in different modes. The outputs can be triggered by either SMS or a phone call. Ideal for controlling and managing different electric appliances, pumps, barriers, electromagnetic locks and more.
  • 1 output can be used for call visualisation by connecting an LED.
  • In the event of a power failure, the output maintains the last state it was in, resuming it once power is back on.
  • Each time an output is triggered, the device can send SMS to specified phone numbers, containing information regarding the state of the output.
  • Ability to connect microphone and speaker.
  • Ability to remotely change volume levels and microphone sensitivity settings during call by pressing a button on the calling phone.
  • Ability to request data regarding the current state of the module (by outputs and inputs). The request can be further automated to follow a set schedule.
  • Ability to track Supply Voltage status.
  • Ability to measure mobile network quality in real-time with the goal of choosing the best position for the antenna.

Technical Parameters

  • Power Supply:

9 ÷ 30VDC 

  • Digital Inputs:

2 inputs (positive, negative)

  • Digital outputs:

2 outputs (open collector, 1A max)

  • Microphone input:

1 input

  • GSM module:


  • Consumption in IDLE mode:


  • Power Consumption while transmitting:


  • Operational Temperature:

-40˚C ÷ +85˚C

  • Weight:


  • Dimensions:

74mm х 64mm х 28mm